Limited Box (Carsten Stahl)
Limited Box (Carsten Stahl)
Limited Box (Carsten Stahl)
Limited Box (Carsten Stahl)
Limited Box (Carsten Stahl)
Limited Box (Carsten Stahl)
Limited Box (Carsten Stahl)
Limited Box (Carsten Stahl)
Limited Box (Carsten Stahl)
Limited Box (Carsten Stahl)
Limited Box (Carsten Stahl)
Limited Box (Carsten Stahl)
Limited Box (Carsten Stahl)
Limited Box (Carsten Stahl)
Limited Box (Carsten Stahl)
Limited Box (Carsten Stahl)
Limited Box (Carsten Stahl)
Limited Box (Carsten Stahl)
Limited Box (Carsten Stahl)
Limited Box (Carsten Stahl)
Limited Box (Carsten Stahl)

Limited Box (Carsten Stahl)

1 emergency call button including a box signed by Carsten Stahl
  • patentiertes Notruf App-System
  • vereint 4 Notruf-Systeme in 1
  • inkl. Notruf App für iOS und Android
  • stoßfest (ABS), staub & wasserdicht (IP67)
  • wiederaufladbarer LI-Polymer-Akku
  • mind. 4 Monate Akkulaufzeit
  • inkl. magnetischem Ladekabel & Trägerband
  • 2 Jahre Garantie
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Worldwide help in case of accident, violence, sexual assault, kidnapping, burglary, getting lost and much more!

  • patented emergency call app system
  • worldwide mobile emergency call
  • combines 4 emergency call systems in 1
  • precise positioning via GPS, GSM, WLAN
  • without a call, local/language knowledge
  • incl. emergency call app for iOS and Android
  • including emergency call via Bluetooth
  • silent alarm to 5 first responders and control centers**
  • informs the police**, fire brigade**, rescue services**
  • as well as embassies, consulates, foreign offices
  • sends the 5-W questions (what, where, who, how much, when)
  • sends the stored emergency passport
  • sends photo/sound (evidence) via app
  • shockproof (ABS), dust & waterproof (IP67)
  • notification on unpairing & low battery
  • cell phone notification if you forget a button
  • rechargeable LI-polymer battery
  • at least 4 months battery life
  • incl. magnetic charging cable & carrier tape
  • 2 year guarantee

* * The control centers in D, A, CH, LI are only alerted directly in the Pro version (for €1.99 per month) of the app!

Included in this product:
- The MyBuddyGuard emergency call button
- The free MyBuddyGuard app
- A magnetic charging cable
- A lanyard

The My BuddyGuard emergency call button only works in connection with your mobile phone or tablet:
- iOS
- Android


Basically for everyone who suddenly gets into an emergency situation and can no longer make a phone call. For women when they are traveling alone. For children who are being bullied. In a car accident. For outdoor athletes. For chronically ill people. For blind and deaf people. On vacation or abroad. In case of burglary.

Yes. Up to a water depth of approx. 1.5 m for approx. 30 min.

We have tested the button extensively (given it to children, put it in the washing machine and drove over it in the car). A false alarm has never been triggered because the button is very flat and you have to use a little force to press it twice in a row. Should it still happen, your 5 first responders will receive an SMS, WhatsApp, email, voice message or fax. In any case, they will then call you back to make sure that nothing happened to you. It's the same with the police. An emergency report will be sent with the location, time and your cell phone number. This number will call the police directly to make sure it is indeed an emergency. If it's just a false alarm, you can sort it out quickly.

We offer 2 years.

MyBuddyGuard© is the emergency call app system - currently the only patented, barrier-free one in Europe - that calls for help at the push of a button if you can't get to the phone yourself. And that worldwide. No matter where you are. And in combination with the Pro app, even the police, fire brigade and rescue services are notified directly.

Click the mobile emergency call button twice = fire brigade / rescue service or press longer than 2 seconds = alert the police and trusted persons.

1 x short click or activate test alarm within the app.

1. Activate Bluetooth in the end device (smartphone/tablet). 2. Click the "Bluetooth" button within the app. 3. Click on Add emergency button and keep the button pressed.

Click on the large logo within the app and the emergency call countdown.

Currently not. However, we are in the process of further development.

You will receive a push notification on your mobile phone.

Yes. But only in an emergency.

At least 4 months.

Our hardware has a one-time price and no monthly rental fee of €25 - €79 (depending on the provider and service. We do not offer a home emergency call, we offer a mobile emergency call (worldwide) for all generations. So also in the garden or when shopping .

Maximum 2 hours.

Yes. Worldwide!

No. Only the one-time purchase price.

Within the app, click on the "Helpers" button and then activate the emergency call centers.

Three functions. 1 x short click = test alarm to stored trusted persons, 2 x short clicks (double click) = the fire brigade / rescue service or press longer than 2 seconds = the police required.

With the free app, the stored persons of trust and abroad the responsible embassies / consulates are informed. With the Pro version of the app, the emergency call centers of the police or fire brigade / rescue in the current countries (D, A, CH, LI) are also alerted.

In tricky emergency situations such as violence, sexual coercion, kidnapping, getting lost, falling, stroke, shock, accident, etc., it is almost impossible to open an app or make a call.

In order to transmit the conventional 5-W questions including photo/sound documentation and the stored emergency pass, special software (app) is required, which is linked to our hardware (button).

Several variants can be used: SMS, e-mail, chat, video telephony, voice SMS, fax and soon also automated emergency calls to stored trusted persons.

If there is no reception (GPS, GSM, WLAN), the user receives a message that the emergency message was not sent due to no reception and the emergency number for the police or fire brigade / rescue service of the country of residence opens automatically (worldwide).

If the emergency call is successful, the user and the person they trust will receive an SMS and email.